Friday, March 24, 2017

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Getting Set Up to Make Beer

The hobby of brewing your own beer at home is growing steadily as more people discover how much fun […]

Home Brewing Tips

The Heart of Home Brewing

Can you remember the moment you first got the idea in your head to take up brewing your own […]

Home Breewing for Everyone

Brewing TV – Episode 4: Open Fermentation

Learn to make money bartending at HOME! Original postdate: May 28, 2010 In this episode, learn the ways of a wise open fermentation with yeast-Jedi Jeremy King. Then we apply Jeremy's knowledge as Dawson brews a "Topless Hefeweizen" (ooh la la!). Take your top off, leave the lid off, go uncovered… it's all good. More links at official Episode Page: View all the great products and community at Northern Brewer America's #1 Homebrew Supplier.

Brewing TV – Episode 55: All About Stout

Learn to make money bartending at HOME! We are getting ready for St. Patrick's Day with stout on the brain! For the occasion, Jake and Mike brew two beers. One is a Dry Irish Stout on par with the modern Guinness Draught, which we serve on nitrogen through a stout faucet. The other beer is a Single Stout Porter, based on a beer Guinness produced back in the 1880s. We put the beers up against each other […]

All-Grain Brewing 101: The Basics

Learn to make money bartending at HOME! Welcome to the world of all-grain brewing! In this video, we’ll give you a crash course of everything you need to know to get started all-grain brewing. We’ll talk about the equipment you need and how you use it to make beer. In this video we’ll be using a gravity-fed setup with Fermenter’s Favorites All-Grain Coolers. We’ll walk you through simple assembly to ensure an easy, leak-free brew day. The […]


When you first learn the craft of home brewing, one of the big steps is the transfer of the beer into larger bottles for fermentation and then smaller bottles for storage and to serve guests your delicious brew. This can be messy but it is an important step along the path to great tasting beer. And learning the beer transfer and bottling skills will be a big step as your sophistication at home brewing comes along. There […]